SoulStream 5th Anniversary Party Part .1 Serection CD クレジット訂正のお知らせ  

7/2、皆様にお送りしましたSerection CDの選曲クレジットに誤りがございましたので正しい表記を

1. keep on smiling-------------darwins theory 
2. no limit--------------------Darrw Fletcher 
3. i want your love-------------big bone band 
4. shades of september---------Obatala 
5. everyday love---------------Willie Hutch 
6. everything's gonna be o.k.----The players association 
7. i need your lovin'-------------Side effect 
8. i wanna be yours alone-------Rivas 
9. why not today---------------9th creation 
10. let your love rain down on me--jewel bass 
11. I Love You ------------------ Herman Jones 
12. room at the stop-------------betty wright 
13. magic touch----------------tony silvester and the new ingredient 
14. now that i've found you-------Z for zafra 
15. memory of our love----------Donny Hathaway